Historic Masonry Images from My Travels in 2012

Historic Brick Eyebrow Arch w/Decorative Key, ca. 1870 – Decorah, IA

As many of you know my job requires me to take many pictures of historic masonry in various conditions of deterioration and decay. My camera travels with me from coast to coast of our great country capturing historic masonry usually in need of some type of repair treatment.

Anyway, I have many pictures in this computer and I thought I would share with you some of the finer details of historic masonry that works! The masonry that is still performing after many many years. It is fair to say that all historic masonry does not fall apart, only that which is under the attack of water or the ignorance of man from previous repair attempts that compromise the authenticity of the original material performance.

It is only fitting to close out the year appreciating the builders that went before us – the architecture that has stood the test of time and that we can now admire.

A Stone Dutchman Repair w/Lime Putty, ca. 1835 – St. Louis, MO

William Bosworth’s MIT Main Group Campus, Cambridge, MA – Bedford Indiana Limestone, ca. 1916

Granite Balustrade Plaza Wall – Wisconsin State Capitol Building, Madison, WI

Historic Stone Arch Wall, ca. 1854 – Butterjoint Construction (slate between bed joints used as spacers) Waupun Correctional Facility, Waupun, WI

Appreciating the details (close-up) of a flame finish on the black granite at 1 W. Wilson State Office Building, ca. 1932 – Madison, Wisconsin

The Downer Building Complex at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI

Installation of Lime Mortar into a 1854 Historic Stone Wall at the Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis, MO (Alex and Kyle Speweik – Applicators)

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